Non-School Leavers

University is a great option no matter what stage of life you’re at. Perhaps you need a career change, or would like professional qualifications in order to go further in your chosen field. Or maybe you just want to study for your own interest, follow a passion or learn something new.

It’s flexible. Studying at university gives you the freedom to pursue your chosen area of interest, and the flexibility to structure your study around your personal requirements. You can study part-time while working, or find a course that you can study while looking after your children. You can study online from home, or via distance education. You can fit uni around life.

You won’t be alone. At university you won’t be the only non-school leaver. More and more people are making the choice to pursue a university degree later in life. You’ll most likely have colleagues alongside you that are in similar life circumstances. You’ll also have access to some great mentoring and support programs.

It’s ok if you haven’t completed year 12. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed year 12 or other entry qualifications – there are special-entry options available. Contact the universities for further information.