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Choosing a Course

Choosing a Tertiary Education Course

With hundreds of tertiary education courses on offer, how do you decide which university course is for you? Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices:

Investigate careers and job prospects

  • Think about what interests you and what you feel you’re good at. Make a list.
  • Browse online career sites like and for ideas.
  • Volunteer at a local business: ask if they’ll take you on for a day or week, so you can see first-hand what the job entails. If they won’t, ask if you can buy them a coffee and pick their brain for 20 minutes.
  • Review the Job Outlook website.
  • Research information on University websites.
  • Also consider the employment prospects, salary and working hours of your chosen career.

Speak to a careers adviser, TAFE or Uni

  • Your school, local TAFE or any university will have knowledgeable people who can advise you.

Go to university open days and career expos

  • Uni open days present a great opportunity to see the university and find out more information about the courses that interest you, or explore the options available.
  • Career expos bring universities and other providers together in one place, so you can consider your choices and compare the different courses and providers.
  • Click here for information on open days and current events

Check out the uni subjects within a course

  • Sometimes you get a better idea of the course you’d like to do, if you check out the subjects which make up the course. You’ll get a feel for the specific areas you’ll be studying, and whether they might fit with your idea of the career you’re seeking.
  • To find out the subjects required for a course, check the university websites, or phone the uni and ask for a copy of their subject handbook.

Find out what qualifications you’ll need

  • If you’ve worked out the career you’d like to pursue, investigate the requirements for finding a job in this area. What qualification will you need? And which unis can provide it?